Saturday 27 October 2018

Room 5's Pointillism art

Ayvah and her completed piece of art that was in Dawson
School hall during week 1.

This is Elijah's watermelon. Great art Elijah!

Eliza and her amazing artwork!

Gaubriel was very proud of his art piece.

Keith did a great piece for his art.
Kohu's piece of art.

Kysandra did a great job!

Leighvai was very patient.

Awesome Lesieli!

Excellent effort Lexus!
Great smile and artwork Raymond-Lee!

Fantastic art piece Robert.

Love it Siialofa!

Love it Sione.

This is wonderful Tara.

Great colours Temprynce.

Taht's amazing Vula!

1 comment:

  1. Your piece's of Art Work was done with a lot patience and HAPPY you all didn't give up, WELL DONE!! TEAMS 5👌👌