Sunday 25 February 2018

Duffy and the cloak bay bully

Room 2 had an awesome time watching the Duffy theatre show. They learnt that bullying is not cool.

Room 2 also learnt that they should stand up to a bully.  " Say " Stop it, I don't like it."
Walk away and tell your teacher or an adult.

Room 2 were very lucky to meet the Duffy crew, have a little chat and take a photo with them.

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  1. This looks really awesome i wish to see the Duffy show and get a photo with them!.
    by Lena Rm 18

  2. Great listening and bullying is not good you are right

    Jordan Room 18

  3. Mrs Samuels tells me you were a well behaved audience, and that it was a great show. I'm sorry I missed it.